As I Struggled for Ideas for Today’s Blog…Worth Repeating


I realized that the Holy Spirit has a wonderful sense of humor.  I was looking for Catholic Blog Prompts on Prayer.

I prayed to the Holy Spirit.  As I prayed, I began to see blog posts about prayer journals.  I kept searching.

There had to be something to this.  The Holy Spirit knows what He is doing.

I found a set of blog prompts for a prayer journal.

Do you keep a prayer journal?  I do.  It’s on and off, but, yes, I have one.

Keeping a prayer journal is what helped me to find my “prayer voice.”

I keep one on my computer, and I carry a small notebook on which I write my thoughts and ideas when in prayer.

I also use my small notebook to prepare for the

Sacrament of Reconciliation.

For me, it’s very helpful to record the sins I will confess so that they are not forgotten.

I do pray to keep this book in my possession when I am out and about.

It might make interesting reading for someone, but…

Anyway, back to the Holy Spirit who answered my prayer by showing me His Wonderful sense of humor.

I clicked on the link.

The link took me to the page for the

Association of Catholic Women Bloggers.

I am a contributor on this page.

When I clicked on the link that I saw for

Prayer Journal Prompts

I looked at the picture.  It looked so familiar. Then I realized it.

The Holy Spirit had directed me to my own blog!

I had written a blog post on

Prayer Journal Prompts.

The Holy Spirit had answered my prayer.

I guess this is post that really is worth repeating!

Thank You, Holy Spirit!