When there’s no time to pray, there are still ways to pray fruitfully.

Prayer_Jesus 2

Of course, the first word out of our mouth daily should be that of:

Jesus textHis Name should be our first prayer of the day.

When we have no time to pray, say His Holy Name.  That is your prayer.

There are other very short prayers which you can say with your heart, even when you think you don’t have the time to pray.

Here’s a list to help you.

Jesus, I trust in You.
Jesus, may we praise You now and forever.
Praise!  Praise!  His Holy Name.
Blessed be the God of all Creation!
Lord, God, we love You and adore You.
Jesus!  Jesus!  Jesus!
Blessed be the Name of The Lord!
Lord, I am not worthy.
Blessed be the God of Abraham, Moses, and Jacob!
Jesus, I love You!
Jesus, I praise You!
Jesus, You are My Hope!
Jesus, You are My God!
Remember me when You are in Paradise.
Teach me, Lord, for I am Yours.
Help me, Lord, for I am weak.
Hold me, Lord, for I am sinful.
Guide me, Lord, and bring me to Your Love.
Jesus, Son of Mary, have mercy on us.
Lord, may I be delivered into Your loving arms when I die.
Jesus, protect me as I travel this earth.
Jesus, be my shield and my guide.
Jesus, save me for I am sinful.
Jesus, thank You.
Jesus, my Brother, my God!
Heavenly Father, I am yours.
Holy Spirit, fill me with Your love.
Heavenly Father, send Your angels to protect me.
Holy Spirit, direct my thoughts that I may become holy.
Heavenly Father, greet me at the hour of my death.
Holy Spirit, show me where you want me to go.
Lord, Jesus, I give you my heart.
Jesus, hide me in Your most Sacred Heart.
Jesus, embrace me as I walk through the valley of death.
Lord, with You by my side, I have nothing to fear.
Jesus, Son of the living God, I am yours.
Jesus, I give You all that I am and all that I can be.
Jesus, heal me.
Jesus, fill me with Your love.
.Holy Spirit, replace my pain with love.
Heavenly Father, Creator, You brought me forth as Your child.  Thank You.
Jesus, arms outstretched in love, thank You.
Jesus, Your Precious Blood fills the chalice with love!
My Lord!  My God!  My All.