Days of Challenge


Days of challenge,
My heart is painfully rendered and purified,
My heart is made free from sin.
I hang my head is shame.

I have learned to fear the Lord.
His ways are greater than mine.
His thoughts are beyond mine.
He loves those who love Him,
He loves those who do not love Him.
He seeks those hearts which are pure.
He weeps when He finds none.

I pour my soul at His feet.
With His wings He lifts me up,
His talons ground me to the earth,
We fly higher than the Angels dare,
Then rest on holy soil,
Near the cross,
Upon the cross,
The cross He once carried.

I rest upon His heart.
My hands are soiled and bloody.
His cross becomes my cross.
I can only lift a corner,
But He carries the weight of His servant.

The Lord will balance and protect me,
The Lord will strengthen and uphold me,
The Lord goes before me,
Then sends His Spirit to challenge me.

In His Spirit I find love and wholeness,
Wealth and poverty,
Shame and forgiveness,
Hope and sorrow.

Words fail my soul, but in His goodness I need no words.
I am like an only child
Spoiled in love,
Wrapped in love,
With no one else but He, my Beloved,
My God,
Who stands before me,
Behind me,
Above me,
Below me,
His love pierces my heart from every angle,
Every bend,
Every joint,
Filling it
And consuming it
Until the burning love of His Heart
Is left behind
Absorbing the ashes of who I used to be
into Himself.

His waves of Mercy enfold me,
His waves of love protect me,
The glory of the Lord fulfills me.
Great is the Lord!
Holy is His Name!