Kokedama Ball and Prayer


A kokedama ball is one in which a plant is encased in a mud pie, which is then encased with moss, which is then tied with twine.

The plant, which should have grown into a much bigger plant, has been changed.

It is now a bonsai plant.

It will live and survive in this ball of mud, moss, and twine for the rest of it’s life.

No longer will this plant be able to grow to its fullest potential.

However, it is still a work of art, a miniature work of art which can only be defined by the size of the ball in which it lives

St. Therese of Lisieux talks about the beauty of God’s Garden.

St. Therese

In prayer, we become one with God, growing in His garden as different flowers.

Some will grow larger than others.

All will be beautiful.

The closer we are to God, the more beautiful we become.

Prayer, particularly, prayer from the heart,

brings us into His Presence and Love.

The more we pray, the less root bound we become.

Our roots reach out and touch others.

Often, we make the choice to stay root bound.

Our prayer is less than perfect, but it is prayer.

When we abandon ourselves to God,

we immerse ourselves in
His Love and tender Mercy.

When we die to ourselves,

we choose the Will of God over ours,

no matter what.

We pray.

We praise.

We bless.

We love.

We intercede.

We ask.

Prayer changes us.

We can choose to grow or stay root bound in our Kokedama Ball.

All of God’s children are beautiful.

All of God’s children are flowers that fill the ranks of heaven.

Prayer becomes the food for spiritual growth.

We choose.

Root bound?