Praying for Priests

IMG_9752Father John Hardon, SJ, writes about praying for priests. “Prayer and Sacrifice for Priests.”  Father Hardon says,

“In a single sentence, the most important reason we need the priesthood is: without the priesthood there cannot be the Eucharist. Without the Eucharist there would be no Sacrifice of the Mass, no Holy Communion, no Real Presence of Jesus Christ on earth, where He continues His work of salvation in the world.”

The article can be found at:: for priests.  This article is well worth the read.

Please step back and read that sentence again.  What does this say to you?

Without priests there cannot be the Eucharist,

because without their consecrated hands, the miracle of transubstantiation cannot be performed.

Their hands are anointed for this duty as part of the Mass.

If we did not have the Mass,

we could not have the

Real Presence of Jesus Christ on earth.

No Mass = No Jesus

Our Priests bring Jesus to us through the Mass.

Priests need our prayers.

What I had not thought about before I read this article is that our priests have great responsibilities to God.

Pope Francis, as any other Pope in the history of the Catholic Church, shepherds the world!

He as the pastor of the world must teach, protect, encourage each person on earth.

Father Hardon also reminds us that:

The pressures that are experienced by priests carry a violence that no one but a priest can understand. One saint after another has declared that the devil’s principal target on earth is the Catholic priest. It stands to demonic reason – if the devil can deceive and delude a Catholic priest and draw him away from Christ, what happens? What happens is what we see today. Priests are subject to extraordinary temptations from the devil first, but also from the world.

Think of all those people that satan has already deceived into believing that there is no hell and that he does not exist.

A priest by the very nature of his vocation battles satan daily.

It is the duty of the priest to resist such temptation and pray for those whom he shepherds.

Can you imagine the strength of those temptations?

Without priests there can be no Eucharist.

Our world is in a precarious state right now.

Evil appears to be overcoming good.

The time has come to pray for our shepherds.

We cannot abandon them.

We must pray.


This link will take you to prayers for priests where you can rest assured that your prayers for your priests will be heard.