Prayer: Thoughts and Prayers


Very often, when I comment on social media or when I write a note to someone, I often say,

“You are in my thoughts and prayers.”

Thinking is a beautiful way to pray.

Think with love.

Think with joy.

Offer all to God.


Thoughts become prayers

as we

build a relationship with Him.

Even though He knows what we will say, what we will think

before we do,

God welcomes our thoughts,

The offerings of our minds

to Him.

He draws us closer,


Like a Father,

God, who is love itself,

anoints us with the chrism of unbounded love.

So, when I say,

“You are in my thoughts and prayers,”

I am holding you up to God

for blessings beyond measure,

Hope beyond measure,

Joy beyond measure.

My thoughts have become prayers for your soul.

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2 thoughts on “Prayer: Thoughts and Prayers

  1. Nicely done. Our thoughts have great power. This is a beautiful illustration of using our thoughts to intercede on behalf of someone else. With our thoughts, we can be in constant prayer and connection with the Father. Thanks for the reminder.


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